Act for chirurgians to the armie

The estates nominatis and appoyntis David Kennedie, James Ker and Thomas Kincaid and Nehemiach Touche to be surgeons in the armie presentlie sent frome this kingdome into England, and that eache of them sall have the charge of tuo regimentis joyned in one brigad as they sall be directed be the lord generall and comittie with the armie, for which service the estates modifies the soume of fyfteene pund sterline to be presentlie payed to eache one of them for furnisheing of thair kist, and fyve shilline sterline of daylie allowance to eache surgeon, and foure shilline to his tuo mates, halfe a croune daylie for mantenance of tuo baggage horse, and three shilline daylie for mantenance of three sadle horse, and that there be a moneths pay advanced for their outreike and furnisheing their horses, and ordaines William Thomsone to pey the saids 15 lib. and monethes advance to eache of them.

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