Letter: to the officers of the army in Ireland
Lettre to the officers of the armie in Ireland

Right honorable,

The convention of estates, taking to their consideration the extreeme necessities of the Scottis armie in Ireland throw want of victuall and cloathes, and being truelie sensible of their sufferingis, have beene still pressing the Englishe commissioners for performeance of what they are obleidged unto be the articles sent to yow with our lettre of the second of December last, and have beene most carefull in provideing the cloathes and victuall promised, as your commissioneris who have beene most earnest sollitoris for yow and witness to our proceedingis heirin can fullie informe yow, and how seriouslie we have beene goeing about the provideing of some present supplee of money if we had not rancountered with some unexpected rubbes and interruptions. Yitt least heirby and be the parliament of Englandis not performeing of what they are obleidged yow should think your selfes forgotten at all handis or us wanting in anie thing that may witnes our tender care of that armie, we have given order for present provideing of ships and barkes for your transport to this kingdome efter the second of Februar nixt, if betuix and that tyme yow receave not the money promised frome the kingdome of England, and efter your transport suche course sall be tane for provideing for yow as sall be tane with the armie now lifted in this kingdome.

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