Act for bringeing the Scots armie out of Ireland

The convention of estates, considering the hard condition and straites the Scotishe armie in Ireland has beene putt to this whole yeere bygane throw want of victuall and cloathes even to susteene their nature and save them from the violence of the weather, and how at last, efter all the possible supplees sent to them frome this kingdome, to the great burden theirof, and manie desyres and remonstrances made to the houses of the parliament of England (who stand engadged for their pay and mantenance) it wes agreed unto by the Englishe commissioneris in November last that they sould furthwith provyde and send to Ireland for the use of that armie the soume of ten thousand pund sterline, and als that betuix and the first of Februar now approacheing there sould be delyvered to them the soume of fiftie thousand pund sterline in pairt of payment of their bygane arreares, all which they had formerlie promised to send to them. And the estates of this kingdome, feareing that troubles in England might some what retard the tymeous sending of this money, and knowing the extreeme necessitie of that armie could not admitt no delay, they have beene carefull in provydeing cloathes and als ten thousand bolls of meale quhilks are now on their way thither; and being willing according to their interest and duetie to provyde some meanes and moneyes in the interim for keeping so manie Protestant subjectis fighting for religion from sterveing and utter ruine, there occurred such unexpected rubbes and interruptions as the supplee intended could not be at this tyme effectuat. Yitt least the said armie (being disappoynted of supplie from both handis) sould be necessitat efter the said first of Februar to take some unorderlie way for their owne subsistence, the convention hes thought fitt that ships, barks and vessells be provided for transporting of them to this kingdome, and, for that effect, gives full power and commission to Generall Major Monro and remanent officeris of that armie to deale and bargane with all ships, barkes and boats they can find for transporting the said armie, hors and foote, and declaires that what ever sall be due to the owneris, maisteres and skipperis of the saidis ships, barkes or boatis for transporting them as said is sall be thankfullie and compleitlie payed be the estates of this kingdome, who doe heirby become debtoris for the same; and if anie sall refuse to hire their boats or barks as said is, with power to the said generall major and officeris to force and compell them and to presse their ships or boats upon the conditions foresaidis. And for the better effectuating heirof, the estates gives full power and commission to the earle of Glencairne, the lairdis of Kilbirnie, Greenok and Fairnie and majestratis of Air and Irewing, or suche otheris of whom the saidis officeris sall frome tyme to tyme requiyre assistance, to concurre and assist in provideing and presseing of ships, barkes [and] boats for the use and in maner above writtin; and declaires that whatever sall be the expenses of the officeris or otheris in transporting of this armie, the same sall be repeyed to them out of the first of anie supplees that sall come frome England or sall be provided in this kingdome for that armie, and that the estates doe become debtoris therefore, and als will be carefull that when that armie sall be transported they sall be intertained in suche a way as the armie now lifted in this kingdome. Lykeas the convention recommendis to their committee of estates to be carefull in provideing for them accordinglie.

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