Procedure: remit to the committee for the excise
Reference to the comittee anent the excyse

The convention of estates, considering the great necessitie of the Scotis armie in Ireland and how necessar it is that some meanes be presentlie fund out for their subsistance and supplieing the armie now lifted in this kingdome, all that in respect of the present marcheing of the armie and other inconvenient occasions they could not at this tyme determine upon the same bot have appointed a more frequent meiting of the estates to be heir for that purpose upon the tuentie fyft of this moneth, doe theirfore recommend to their care and wisdome to resolve upon some just, equall and solide way in the tyme of suche necessitie for supplie and entertaneing these armies be way of excise or some suche other certaine way as they sall thinke fitting, and recomendis to the committie of estates to be prepairing the same untill the nixt meiting of estates.

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