Act anent mustors

The convention ordaines that when ever anie of the regiments or anie pairt theirof shall be brought togidder to be mustored, that the musteris theirof be receaved upon the oath of the captaines or other officeris that sall command them for the tyme; and being thus mustored and sent to their quarteris, recomendis to the lord chancellor, or anie noblemen that is on the committie, to appoint some honest men in the parishes where they are to be quartered to take tryell if they be quartered conforme to the said roll, and to report upon oath a particular accompt of the roll of their quarteris and the tyme of their severall entries thereto, that they may be payed conforme; and this forme to stand ay and while the committie that gois with the armie and generall officeris meit and thinke upon some solide course for mustering of the armie.

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