The convention of estats, haveing red and considered the oath underwritten, they doe approve therof as fitting to be taken be all members of the committee of estats and all general officeres and colonells of the armie, and accordingly ordans the same to be taken and sworne be them all, quherof the tenor followeth:

The oath of the officers of the armie

We memberis of the comittee of estates and generall officeris and colonells of the armie undersubscryveand, all of us and each on[e] of us for ourselfe, with our handis lifted up to the most hie God, doe promise and sweare to be true and faithfull in this service according to the Solemne League and Covenant of the three kingdomes, and reallie to follow and promove be all lawfull meanes, according to our severall places and callingis, suche resolutiones and directions as are or salbe agreed and concludit mutuallie betweene thir tuo kingdomes or the comittee of this or both kingdomes appoynted for that effect in pursuance of the covenant, never to suffer our selfes directlie nor indirectlie be quhatsomever combination, persuasion or terror to be divydit or withdrawen therefra, nor to cast in anie let or impediment which may stay or hinder such resolutions as by commoun consent sall be fund to conduce for so good ends; never to enter into anie privat entercourse and treattie, nor to mak to nor accept frome the court or anie in name theirof or of anie of our professed adversars of privat offeres, conditions, promises or assureances without the knowledge and consent of the comittees of this or both kingdomes; never to mak nor countenance anie factions or mutinous counsellis and courses, bot reallie to endevour to suppresse or reveall them and all divisive and dangerous motions, that they may be tymeouslie obviatted; never to leave the defence of this caus, bot sincerlie and constantlie with Godis assistance to doe everie duetie belonging to our place and calling, and undergoe everie trouble and danger incident theirto to our utmost, all which we sall doe as in the sight of God, the searcher of heartis, and under the paine of his everlasting wrath and of infamie and losse of all honour and respect in this world.

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