Warrant: for borrowing £40,000 Scots
Warrand for borrowing 40,000 lib.

Forsameikle as it is necesser that present moneyes be had for outreiking the three troup of horse and fyve companies of foote that are to be presently raised, and that the sowmes appoyntit for maintaining of these forces are not payable till Candlemes nixt, thairfoir the estaites recommendes to the generall collectour to borrow upone private suretie or utherwayes, and for payment of annualrent fra the borrowing, the sowme of fourtie thusand pund Scottis for that effect, and quhilk is to be payit out of the first of the sumes to be lifted in this kingdome; and falyeing thairoff, the estaites declaires that the same sall remane as a publict debt upon the kingdome.

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