Procedure: summons
Citation agains Huntlye, Ogilvie etc.

The conventioun of estaits presentlie conveined, for certane good consideratiounes tending to the weill and peace of the kingdome, have thocht fit and concludeit and accordinglie ordaines messsingers of armes to pass and, in his maties name and authoritie, command and charge George, marqueis of Huntlie, James, lord Ogilvie, Johne, lord Herries [and] George, lord Bamff, personally, if they can be apprehendit, and falyeing thairoff at thair duelling places and be oppen proclamatione at the mercate croce of the heid burgh of the shyre quher thei duell, to compeir personally befoir the saids estaits at Edinburgh or quher it sall happin them to be for the tyme the fourt day of August nixtocum, provydeit to find good and sufficient cautioune for keiping of the peace and behaveing themselffis in a peaceable and quyet way, conforme to the lawes of the kingdome; and to heir and sie further ordor tane for the good and peace of the kingdome as the estaits sall think fitting under the paine of rebellioun and putting of them to the horne; with certificatioun to them if they falye and compeir not, letters wilbe direct simplar to put them to the horne. And it is heirby declareit that for preventing all the occasiouns of excuise for the not apperrance of any of the saids persounes be reasoun of civill hornings, that thei sall be protectit by the estaits be the space of fyve dayes befoir ther compeirance and for the space of ten dayes therefter, dischargeing etc.

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