[Protestation for the parishioners of Auchtertool against the ratification to the beadsmen of Magdalene Chapel]

I, Sir Andro Skene of Auchtertuill, for my selff and in name and behalff of the poor parochineris of Auchtertuill, doe protest that the ratificatione grantit be parliament in favours of the beidmen of the Magdalene Chaiple of the gift and mortificatioun grantit to thame be the kingis majestie of the rents, teyndis and dewties of the bischoprik of Dunkeld thairin mentionat be nawayis prejudiciall to ane mortificatione grantit be his majestie to ane schoolmaister within the parochin of Auchtertuill off the sowme of fourscoir tuelff pounds quhilk war formerlie payit to the lait bischopis of Dunkeld and now dew to his majestie furth of the samyn parochin for the few dewtie of the lands within the samyne.

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