[Protestation of Lord Almond against the ratification in favour of the kirk of Denny]

Protestatioune Lord Amont anent Dennie

We, James, lord Levingstoune of Amont and Callendar, in respect of a pretendit reference from the laite generall assemblie holden at Edinburgh for dissuniting of the chappell of Dennie from Falkirke, as heretable and wndoubted patron of Falkirke, Dennie and Morrowinsyde, doe protest in the contrarie in respect that nether wee as patron, neithair the titular of the forsaid mother kirk with the pendicles thairof wer ever cited or admonisched to compeir either before the forsaid generall assemblie, either before this present honorabell parliament, that we might have bene heard to give in our reasonable exceptiones in law against the said disunione as parties without whose consent or legallie declared inexcusablenes no such act can be grantit in law. And furthair if it schall please (neverthelesse of the former reasone quhairto still we adhere till in law it be discussed) this present parliament to proceed in dissuniting the said pendicle and chappell of Dennie from the forsaid mother kirke of Falkirke, we doe protest that the forsaid deed tend not to the prejudice of our heretable right of patronadge, neither to be extended in anie sort to the burthening of ws as patron and titular with anie further impositiones or exceptiones for further augmentatione of stipend wpon takes of teindes or fewdewties of landes holden of ws lyand within the said mother parochine of Falkirke and chappelrie and pendicle of Dennie etc.

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