[Supplication of George Foulis of Ravelston for exoneration of his carriage and payment of his arrears]

Supplicatione George Foullis, remittit to the exchequhair

To the king's most excellent majestie and honorabill hous of parliament, the humble petitioun of George Foulis of Reavillstoun.


That quhair as I was advanced in the publict service and was most willing to have contribute my best indevours in that chairge committed to me when it pleassed the comittie of estaitts for the tym to recall me by thair warrand and to command me to dischairge the place off generall of his majesties mynthous, whiche I hawe exerced faithfullie and hes uplifted the fies belonging thairto, whairfor I did expect not only with all integritie to hawe bein approvin for my dischairge of the said place in tymbygane, bot lykwayis to hawe bein continewed and secured thairin for tymecomeing. Bot now since ane wther (as I am informed) is to be placed in that chairge, I think it incumbent to me for my securitie to crave ane approbatioun for my service in the said chairge with the receapt of the fies thairof in tymbygane; as lykwayis (iff it sall be thocht fitt) a gift and continewatioun thairin in tyme comeing.

Heirfor I most humblie beseich your majestie and this honorabill hous to tak consideratioun of the premissis and to be pleassed to grant unto me ane approbatioun of my service and receapt of the fies thairof in tymbygane during the tym of my trust and chairge; as lykwayis ane gift and continewatioun in the said office in tyme comeing iff your majestie and this honorabill hous sall think so fitting, for useing and exerceing quhairof I am most willing to contribute my best, and I as in dewtie bound sall ever pray.

17 Novembris 1641

This supplication being red in audience of his majestie and estaittis of parliament, who remitted and refers the same to the exchequhair.

Balmerino, I[n] p[raesentia] d[ominorum] parliamenti

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