[Supplication of Sir William Dick of Braid for reparation of his losses]

Supplication William Dik of Braid remittit to the exchequhair

Unto the king's most excellent majestie and honorabill estaites of parliament, the humble petitione of Williame Dick of Braid, your hienes principall taksman of your majesties customes of this kingdome,

Schoweth that in the yeire of God 1637, 1638 and 1639 yeares, quhilk was the last yeir of the tak sett to me thairof, I reallie payit the haill tak dewtie of the saids customes the saids thrie yeires to Johnne, erle of Traquaire, your majesties thesaurer. Nevertheles, the merchands and wthers, apprehending eminent dangers and troubles in these yeirs, deserted all customeable trade, only importing ammunitioune such as muskett, pick, powder, bullett, match, pretending immunitie fra all custome thairof, notwithstanding the great vantage they made thairby; and all utterlie refuised not only making lawfull entrie bot also payment of their dew customes, and, contrar my expectation and foreknowledge, wpone the eleventh day of Junii 1640 procured ane act of the estaits of parliament ordaining all sort of amunitione importit within the kingdome the said yeire 1637 and to be importit thairefter during the troubles to be frie of all customes and impositione, to my heavie prejudice and loss, without your royall majestie and estaites provyde remeide. Lykas in the tyme of the reading of the said act, I came in face of parliament and protestit against the samen, quhilk protestatione was admitted.

Quhairfor I most humblie beseike your most sacred majestie and the honorabill estaittes of parliamentt tak to your gratious consideration my reall advancement to your hienes thesaurer of the haill tak dewtie of the saids customes the saids thrie yeires and my heavie prejudice and loss be the merchands refuisall of payment of ther dew customes the saids thrie yeires, and act forsaid of exemptione of thame thairfra. And aither to grant me reall and personall executione against merchands and all wthers that hes importit any amunitione the saids thrie yeires for payment to me of thair dew customes, or wther wayes appoint me to have retentione and allowance in my hand of als meikill impost and wthers customes intromettit with and to be intromettit with be me as mey be equivalent to my prejudice and loss of the saids customes the saids thrie yeires. Quhairin your sacred majestie and honorabill estaits answer humblie I attend.

16 November 1641

Red in audience of the king's majestie and estaits of parliament, and referred be them to the exchequhair.

Balmerino, I[n] p[raesentia] d[ominorum] parliamenti

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