[Supplication of Colonel Alexander Hamilton, general of the artillery, for payment of arrears]

Supplication with the parliaments answer therto, Colonell Hamiltoun, generall of the artillarie

To the kinges most excellent majestie and honorabill hous of parliament, Collonell Alexander Hamiltone, generall of the artealliarie, humblie sheweth,

Quhairas it is not unknowne to your sacred majestie and many of this honorabill hous of parliament that my wholl studdie hes beene in the airt of militarie discipline, especiallie anent artealliarie, quhairin I being employit in Germany upon honorabill and good conditiones, I wes recallit thairfrom to England, quhair your majestie wes gratiouslie pleasit to grant me pensiones and allowances of aucht hundreth pund sterling be yeir, quhairof I have beene now, be the iniquitie of tymes, this weell neir four yeiris bygone beene frustrat. And seing I have givin prooff of my love, fidelitie and abilities to serve my native cuntrey in the charge of generall of the artealliarie or maistir of the ordinance, and am yet willing and reddy ethair in peace or warre to dischairge that dewtie which is incumbent to the samen and which will requyre nerely as greatt attendance, dilligence and cair in peace as in ware for preservatione and richt ordering of the artealliarie, munitione and armies alreddie within this kingdome,

May it thairfor please your majestie and this honorabill hous to tak the premisis to your consideratioun and to prescryve such wages as I may be payit of my bygone arrieris; and sicklyk that I may be securit of thankfull payment thairof in tyme cuming during my lyftyme, for the quhilk, if my service can be acceptable and stedable to your majestie and this honorabill hous, I heirby hartilie and willinglie offer the samen, and sall attend ane gracious answer.

xi Novembris 1641

Red in audience of the nobilitie.

xi Novembris 1641

Red in audience of the barrones.

Red in audience of the burrowes.

xi Nov[embris] 1641

Red in audience of the kingis majestie and estaittis of parliament, who remittis and refers the supplicatione, alsweill anent the ordoring and directing of the artillerie pertening to the publik as anent the saids pensiones, bygane arriers and allowance in tyme coming, to the committe nominate for the burthenis of the countrie; and gevis thame warrand to proceid and determine thairintill as ane mater reasonable and expedient for the good of the publik. And earneastie recommendis to the kingis majestie what may concerne his majesties pairt anent the office of generall of the artillerie and yeirlie fieall thairof.

Balmerino, I[n] p[raesentia] d[ominorum] parliamenti

  1. NAS, PA6/5, 'November 11 1641'. Back
  2. This clause is written on the rear of the document. In addition, there is a second title given to this document: 'Recomendatione be the parliament in favours of the generall of the artillerie'. Back