[The king's declaration regarding the teinds of bishops' kirks]

The kingis declaratioun anent the teynds of the bishops kirks

Our soverane lord, considering that the names and titles of bishops and bishopricks and of thair chapters and dignities, sick as deanries, subdeanries and uthairis of that nature, ar by the acts and statuits of kirk and kingdome abolisched and suppressed, and that thairby the teithis, personage and vicarage, and teind dewties of quhatsumever kirks or teithis perteining to the saids bishopricks, thir chapters and dignities forsaids ar become in his majestie hands and att his majestie disposeing. And his majestie being graciouslie pleised out of his pious and royall affectioune to the mentenance of the trew religioune and puritie thairof presentlie establisched within this his majestie ancient kingdome to tak suche ane cours with the saids teinds and teind dewties perteining to the saids bischopricks or to thir chapters and dignities foirsaids and of all teinds and kirks annexed thairto, that the samen may be applyed to the use and benifeit of the ministeris serving the cuir of the saids kirks and to the mentinance and supplie of universities and colledgis. Lykas his majestie, befoir his coming to this his ancient kingdome in his awin royall persone, sent and direct his lettre to the generall assemblie of the kirk conveined att Edinburgh in Julii last, quhairby his majestie declaired his constant purpos and resolutioune to imploy the teinds of the saids bishopricks and utheris foirsaids to the uses abovspecifit. And thairfoir his matie, according to his royall promeise and for performance thairof, hes declaired and be thir presents declairs that the teynds and teynd dewties of all and quhatsumevir kirks, parsonage and viccarage thairof, and teinds of quhatsumevir nature perteining to the saids bischopricks and chapters thairof, or to the dignities of the samen such as deanries, subdeanries and utheris of that nature, shall be applyed to the mentinance of the ministerie and of the universities and colledgis and other pious uses and to no uthairis use according as the samyn shall be particularlie distributed be the commissioneris appoynted or to be appoynted be his majestie with consent of the estaite of parliament for plantatioune of kirks. And declairs all gifts granted or to be granted be his majestie to quhatsumevir persone or persons of the foirsaids teinds and teind dewties or any pairt thairof except to the uses foirsaids to be null in theself. Exceptand alwayes all gifts granted be his majestie alreddie to quhatsumevir persone or persons of thair awin teinds and to the mentinance of universsities and colledgis, they and everie ane of them being alwayes lyable to the plantatioune of kirks to the full quantatie contenit in the act maid thairanent. And his majestie is graciouslie pleised that thir presentis be ratified and confirmed in this present parliament and the auctoritie of his majestie and estaits interponed thairto, to the effect the samen may have the force of ane law in all tyme cuming.

11 November 1641

Red in audience of the nobilitie.

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