30 October 1641

[Report of the committee for considering the number of boats on the west coast]

Report of the committie anent the boitts for careing men to Irland

The comittie appointed be his majestie and the parliament to considder quhat boittis, barques and other weschellis may be gottin in the west pairts of this kingdome to transpoirt souldioris to these pairtis of Ireland nearest Scotland in cais of necessitie, being convenit in my Lord Eglingtones lodging, the 29 of October 1641.

Conceaves that thair may be gottin betuix Glasgow and Air upoun the south syde as many boittis, barques and uther weschellis as may transport in cais of necessitie to the ewest pairtis of Ireland four or fyve thowsand souldioris.

And for better informatioun heirof thinkis it necessar and expedient that present ordour be givin to my Lord Montgomrie, the Lairdis of Kilburny, Cwnynghameheid, Grinok, Bischoptoun, Newark, Castelmilk, the provest and baillies of Glasgow, Air, Irwing, Ranfrew to tak ane particular notice of all weschellis usefull for the said service within the saidis boundis and put the samyn under sik assurance and readines as they salbe directed be his majestie and the parliament. And this besyd what may be hade upoun the northe syde within the Erle of Argyle his boundis.

30 October 1641

Red in audience of his majestie and parliament, who approves the same, who appointis the persones formerlie intrusted with this committee to meitt this efternoon with the Erle of Eglingtoun and to call to thame any person necessar to think upon the best meanis for staying ane competent nomber of boits, barkes etc. fitt for transporting the abovewritten nomber of men with the leist prejudice to trade.

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