[Supplication of the burgh of Perth for repairing the bridge of Tay]

Petitioun for the bridge of Sanct Johnestoun

Most sacred and dread soverane, unto your majestie and estaites of this present heich court of parliament humielie meanis and schawis we, yowr servitours, the provest, baillies, counsall and communitie of the burgh of Perth, that quhair in the moneth of October 1621 by a fearfull inundatione such as na man liveing hes seine nor read of, not onlie many privat housis of the said burgh war overthrowne to the undoing of the owneris, bot also oure tolbuith and workes of oure commoun milnes and walles war greattumlie spoyled and overthrowne in sindrie places. And (which we lament most) oure bridge being the onlie saife and certane passage betuixt the north and south pairtis of this realme in all kyndes of weather was utterlie overthrowne and run downe, the want quhairof is most hurtfull to many yowr majesties subjectis in this kingdome, bot of all utheris most hurtfull to ws, the burgesis and inhabitantis of the said burgh, the trade and commerce thairof being thairby altogidder decayed. In commiseratioune of so hard a stait of so ancient a burgh foundit by yowr majesties royall antecessours, nixt to Edinburgh many ages in rank, publict burdingis and services, and comodiouslie situat in the center of this realme, haith for advancement of trade and ease of the liedges on all pairtis about the samen it pleased yowr sacred majestie and yowr umquhill darrest father of eternall memorie not onlie to destinat moneyis of your awin proper meanis for reedifieing ane new bridge at the said burgh, bot also be severall letteris to recommend the advanceing of the said work to the secreit counsall of this realme in sik sort that many of them and of the uther nobilitie within this kingdome and sindrie nobill men of Ingland war moved by exampill of yowr majesties gracious and pious intentione to so guid a work to promitt severall sowmes of money for that work; quhilk hithertill hes beine fra tyme to tyme, pairtlie be the trubles of the tymes and pairtlie be deceis of yowr majesties royall father and utheris interveining impedimentis, lettit and stoppit, swa that as yit thair is nane of the moneyis promittit for that use collectit, nor na uther cours as yit taken for reedifieing of the said bridge, quhilk wald in sum measure preveine the great decay and appeirand ruine of the said burgh. Heirfore we humelie beseik yowr majestie and estates of this high court of parliament that sum cours may be takin in this present parliament quhairby moneyis may be provydeit for reedifieing of the said bridge and ordour givein for doing thairof. And that ather furth of the bischopes rentis, quhairof ane great pairt may justlie be wared upone this earand, it being a pious, religious and charitabill guid work, baith for the weill of the said burgh and of ane great pairt of the haill kingdome, or be any ether meanis or way that sall be fund to be most expedient and convenient be advyse and directione of yowr sacred majestie and estaites of this present parliament.

29 October 1641

Red in audience of his majestie and parliament, who nominatted the Erles of Pearth and Kinnoul and Viscounte Stormonth for the nobilitie; the Lairds of Balmane, Moncreif and Cambo for the baronis; the commissioners of Edinburgh, Aberdein and Sanct Andrews, to think upon the best propositiones and overtures for satisfing the desyre of the supplicatione and to report these to the parliament.

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