[Supplication of the Earl of Crawford for release from his imprisonment]

To his sacred majestie and honorable hous of parliament, the humble petitioun of Lodovick, earle Crawfurd. Quhairas your humble petitioner hes thir dayes befoir hes bene imprissoned and now hes declaireit the full truth of that which he conceaved to be the occatioun of his imprisonment, and, therfor, humblie intreates the king's majestie and hous of parliament that now I may be liberat and I sall appeir befoir the king's majestie and parliament quhensoever I salbe called be the king and parliament. And your majestie and lord answer humblie intreits.

Your humble petitioner, Craufurd

26 Octob[er] 1641

Red in audience of his majestie and parliament, who continues to give answer therunto whill Thursday nixt.

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