[Propositions from the general committee regarding outstanding matters still to be decided in parliament]

1. That generall actis expedient for kirk and state wold be gevin in from the severall estates, that upon comoune resolution a catalogue may be maid thairof.

2. That these actis that war prepared before his majesties comeing may be voyced and past in parliament, viz: 1. Electioun of the preses of parliament, 15 Julii. 2. Act of exoneratioune to the comitteis upon the remonstrance, gevin in 20 Julii. 3. Act for ordouring of the hous, 19 Julii. 4. Memberis of parliament may be witnesis, 4 August. 5. Act of exchequhair for 100,000 merks, ratifiet 9 August. 6. Oathe of parliament, approvin 10 August. 7. Traquhairs declaratiounes, cancellit 12 August. 8. Anent the election of the preses in all tymcuming, 12 August. 9. Officers of state excludit fra parliament, 13 August. 10. Precedencie of noblemen before officers of state, 13 August.

3. That the castells may not be occasion of terrour to the kingdome, it is thocht fit that the fortificatiounes of the castles of Edinburgh, Dumbartan and Stirling may be dimolished and that the estates tak in consideratioune the fittest wayis for doeing thairof so as the housis may be preservit for habitation, keiping of prisoners and register.

4. That the commission for provyding of kirks, schooles, hospitalls and colledges may be expede be the king's advocat, procurators of the kirk and state.

5. That the commissioune for tryall and releiff of the publict burdings wold be takine into present consideratioune by the severall estates, that the same may pas in parliament.

7 October 1641

Markis of favour to be put upon the generall, that the parliament may be sutters to the king that he may put the title of ane erle upon him. And that for his service to the cuntrie a pension of [...] or [...] may be secured to him for his lyiftyme, to be equallie payit out of the kingdome. And that the warrand thairof may be drawin up to be ratified in parliament.

The erle of Glencairne reportit from the Lord Almond that he desyrit no mention sould be maid of his pension. And the generall of the artillerie, the king's majestie is to be humblie solicited for his place and pensioune arriers intymcuming. For the yeirlie musters and preserving of armes and ammunitioune within the cuntrie, the estates ar to tak the same to thair consideration according to a particular not gevin in heirwith as they sall think expedient.

That the priviledges which prelats had in the election of magistratis in frie burrowis heirtofoir may now be conferred be the king and parliament upon the burrowis thameselfis. The king's majestie to be supplicat that the presentatioune of the conservatour may be grantit to the burrowis, seing they manteine thame in thair employment, which most propperlie concernis thair state.

That the king's advocat and procurators for the state may be directit to draw up the commissions for reveising of the registers and for regulating commissariats, shirreff courtis and uthair inferiour judicatoreis with advyce of the severall estates.

7 October, a meridie

The ressones gevin in in the treatie doeth sufficientlie evince the great prejudice of this kingdom sustained by his majesties absence, and how necessar it is some persons of respect be about the king, quene and prince in places of greatest neirnes and trust. And his majesties gratious answer to thair demand geivis ws God's hoip and encouragement that the parliament may humblie sute and expect to taiste of his majesties favour in condiscending to mak choise of some persons of qualitie and respect of this natioune to be in these places. And to this effect his majesties to be earnestlie delt with.

The remainder of the treatie to be endit by commissione is heir with subjoyned:

Concerning the not making and denuncing of warres with forragners without consent of both parliaments.

2. Concerning leagues and confederatiounes. 3. Concerning mutall supplie incaise of forrane invasion. 4. Concerning trade and comerce, naturalizatioune, mutuall priviledge and capacitie and uthairs of that nature. 5. Concerning the extract of bands and decreite. 6. Concerning the maner of safe conduct for transporting the rest of the brothairlie assistance from Ingland to Scotland. All these ar referrit to commissionars to be chosine be his majestie and the parliaments of bothe kingdomes. Thairfore the commission wald be presentlie drawn up.

The tennour of the commissioune for conservatioune of peace is to be aggriet upon by mutuall consent, and commission to be nominat presentlie to that effect.

Concerning the particulars which ar conceavit will satisfie the king's majesties, the same wald be done in suche a way as may serve most for the king's satisfaction and may stand with the honour and priviledge of the parliament as may secure the kingdom of all prejudice [...], quhairof the particulars to be condiscendit.

  1. NAS, PA6/7, 'Appendix, October 5 1641'. This business dated 7 October is part of the same document above. Back