[Commission for transportation of John and Thomas Black to Edinburgh for trial]

Anent the petitioune of Johne and Thomas Blakis gevin in be thame to the king and the parliament aganis Marion Maxuell, relict of umquhile Johne Maxuell of Middlebie

His majestie, with advyce of the estates of parliament, ordanis Johne and Thomas Blakis, delinquentis withinnamit, to be tryed and judgit at Edinburgh be the justice or his deputis, and appointis the pairteis to persew and put thame to tryall thair betuixt and the last day of November nixtocum. And thairfore ordanis the saidis Johne and Thomas Blakis to be transported from the pledge chamber of Drumfreis, quhair they ar presentlie incarcerat, to the tolbuith of Edinburgh betuixt and the day abonewrittin, and appointis thair transporting to be as followis, viz: ordanis the provest and baillies of the toun of Drumfreis and shirref thairof to delyver the tua prisoneris abonenamit to the shirref of the nixt adjacent shyre, and thaireftir fra shirref to shirref quhill they be brocht to the tolbuith of Edinburgh. And ordanis the pairteis perseware to assist the transporting of the saidis tua prisoneris. And in the meantyme ordanes thame to be liberat of the yrones and onlie to be keipit in clois waird. And the perseware to pay daylie to ilk ane of the tua prisoneris thrie schillingis four penneis for thair intertinement during thair remaining in waird, beginnand the first dayis payment on Mononday nixt, the fourt day of October nixtocum.

28 September 1641

Red and past in parliament and ordanes the clerk to extract ane act heirupon.

Balmerino, I[n] p[raesentia] d[ominorum] parliamenti

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