[Supplication of William Thomson regarding the payment of officers]

Wnto the kingis most sacred majestie and the honorabill estaits of parliament, the humble petitione of William Thomsone is humblie shaweing,

That quhair as yestirday, being the tuentie sevinth of this instant, it was found fitt by the lordis and ethers of the comittie for the armie that compt, reckneing and full payment may forthwith be maid with and to the wholl officeris superiour and inferiour of the armie, the whiche accompt being by thame and the generall commissarie expected from the handis of your suplicant, it is his humble desyre that your majestie and lordships wold tak to consideration that it is to him unpossible befoir ane finall and totall conclusione of the generall commissares haill intromissiones and the intromissiones of any utheris with the estait of the armie to mak suche ane exact accompt as he doe not exceid thair dew proportiones to the great loss and prejudice of the publict, whiche of it selff is most apparent and may be cleared by undenyable reasones. Quhairfoir it is your suplicants further desyre, first, that for remead of the foirsaids inconvenients, ane or more sufficient responsall men in or for everie regiment, troup or company of the armie may be nominat be the parliament or committie for the armie who may intromett upoun thair perrell with the moneyis to be delyvered for the said use and give ane acquittance thairupoun obligatorie, that if heireftir thair be not fund so muche dew to the officeris, that thay wilbe comptable for the superplus to the estaits, the same being in the meantyme past upoun the generall accompt of the regiment. Secundlie, that it may be declaired be your majestie and estaits of parliament that your said suplicant sall nowayes be indangered or lyable for any suche overpayment in regaird he hes intromettour onlie in pairt and knowes not what ether intromettouris with the moneyes of the armie hes payit to the saids officeris heirtofoir, and thairfoir he will only be able to charge himselff in pairt according to his awne particular intromissiones. And your majestie and your lordship answer the suplicant humblie intreats.

28 September 1641

Red in audience of his majestie and esteates of parliament, quha grantis the desyre of the supplicatioune abovewrittin and declairis that the supplicant making payment conforme to the ordoures of the committe for the airmie, the samen sall be ane sufficient exoneratioun to him, notwithstanding thair be payment maid over and above quhat is dew be otheris intromettouris. And that the payment to be maid be the supplicant sall be past upone the generall accomptis of the armie.

Balmerino, I[n] p[raesentia] d[ominorum] parliamenti

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