[Supplication of the executors of those who died at Dunglass House for confirmation of their testaments]

Supplicatioun anent the being frie of the payment of the quotis of the testamentis of these quha deceist at Dunglass

Unto the king's most excellent majestie and the honorable house of parliament, we, the executoris of these efternamed who died in the house of Dunglas by that lamentable accident of blowing up the samene, humblie sheweth that quhairas some of ws have alreadie confirmed and we the rest doe intend to confirme the testaments of umquhill Thomas, earle of Hadintoun, Robert Hamilton, his brother, Sir Johnne Hamiltoun of Reidhous, Maistir Patrick Hamiltoun, sone naturall to umquhill Thomas, earle of Hadinton, Alexander Cunynghame, Niniane Chirnsyd and umquhill George Wauche, servitor to the said lait umquhill earle of Hadintoun, and becaus it wes intendit that the airis and executoris of such as should happin to die in the publict service should be usit with all kinde of favour and receave all such courtesies as the king and estates might graunt in thair behalff, thairfor it is humblie desyrit that ane warrand may be directed to the commissioneris, collectouris of quottis and utheris whom it concernis to pas and confirme the testaments of the foirsaids perounes or of anie utheris quho died by the overturning of the said house without payment of anie quote for the same. And we shall ever as bound pray etc.

14 September 1641

Red in audience of his majestie and parliament, who findis the desire thairof reasonable and thairfoir graunte the same.

Balmerino, I[n] p[raesentia] d[ominorum] parliamenti

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