[Overtures concerning beggars and idle persons]

It is necessare that in everie ane of the four quarteris of the kingdome thair be erected ane hous of correctione (making four in the whole kingdome) for idle and sturdie vagaboundes, maisterles persones and dissobedient to maisteris or parentis.

The maisteris of thir correctione housses and thair servandes to have yeirlie for thair paynes, everie ane of the saidis maisteris of the saidis four severall housses to have payit out of the last bischops rentis, tua thowsand merkis yeirlie for defraying of thair charges and paying the rent of the housses.

Thir housses to be appoynted be the lordis of privie counsell.

The maisteris lykewayis to be appoynted be the saidis lordis with quhom the particular conditiones may be set doun more punctuallie.

The saidis maisteris must be able and sufficient men quho must be able for the persones committed to thair charge and for thair labouris in vertew.

No meat, drink or money must be givin to any of the saids sturdy vagaboundis or uthair forsaids be no persoun quhatsumever except in thair voyages to the saids correctioun houses.

Everie heritour, justice of peace, constable or any uthair who hes charge in kirk or commounwealth must be obleist to tak and apprehend anie such persounes and to send thame from paroche to paroche untill they come to the nixt correctioun hous, quhair the maistir thairof shall be obleist to receave thame upon testificat of the first apprehender declairing the said persoun or persounes to be ydle and maisterles, disobedient etc.

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