[Articles from the burghs concerning the king's answer to the nomination of officers of state, council and session]

The estate of burrowes randeris his majestie humble and heartie thankes for his majestie gracious declaratioune gevin in wrytt to thame the 3 September instant and humblie craves:

[1.] That his majestie wald be pleased that this his declaratioune may pas in one ordinarie way and forme of ane act of parliament.

2. That these wordis 'to fill these places' be als weill expressed in the declarative pairt as in the narrative.

3. That in these his majestie words 'that he will nominat and make choise of such able and qualified persones with the advyse and approbatioun of the parliament', the burrowes judgment is that the present practice will give much cleiring to the foirsaid expressioun.

4. The burrowes thinkes it expedient that in the calling of the counsall for thair advyse and approbatioune in the nominatioun and electioun of officers of estate and counsellouris, that the wholl counsall sould be lawfullie called upon fyftein dayes and that the most pairt of the wholl counsall sould consent to that electioun. And that the said electioun sowld be approvin or disallowed in the nixt parliament, and so of the lordis of sessioun.

5. That thair be ane present nominatioun and electioun of the officers of estate, counsellors and sessioners to be condiscendit upon and the maner and forme thairof to be recordit, that the samyn may serve for ane rewll intyme cuming.

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