26 August 1641

[Articles of the treaty of London referred to the parliament]

The poyntis that ar referrit be the treatie to the parliament

1. The warrand to the clerk to publische the actis in Junii, conforme to the modell set doun in the first article of the treatie.

2. The tryall and judgeing of the process intentit befoir the parliament ar by the fourt article referrit to the estates of parliamnent.

3. Wnder the 8 demand the article and answer anent the electioun of the officeris of estate, counsallours and sessioneris ar referrit to the king and the parliament.

4. Settling of the copper coyne baith for byganes and tyme cumming is remittit to the parliament.

5. The comissioun for conserving the peace betuix the kingdomes.

6. The comissioun for the articles anent war with forraineris, comerce, naturalizatioun, the commissioun for ressaveing of the remander of the brotherlie assistance, the commissioun for dignoseing who hes the benefeit of the act of oblivioun: all thir commissiounes ar to be considered and the persones named be the king and parliament.

26 Augusti 1641

The noblemen appointis the Erles of Argyle, Cassillis and Lowthiane with thair commissioners when they ar callit to goe to the king to speik to the king in the premisis. And als to desyre his majestie that he wald consent that these actis formerlie proposed and prepared in this sessione of parliament (whairof his majestie hath ane index) may be now inacted; and to speik to the king anent the disbanding of the Inglish armie and garrisounes of Berwick and Carleill, conforme to the treatie.

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