[Articles given in to parliament by the commissioners of the general assembly]

Articles and desires gevine in be the commissionaris of the kirk to the estates of parliament

1. They humblie petitioune that the parliament wold be pleased to appoint some good course quhairby mariages maid out of the kingdoms or by depryved ministers or seminarie priestis and mariages maid without the consent of parentes or these who ar sub tutela parentum may be restrainit.

2. They petitioun the parliament that they would be pleased to set downe some solid course that ministers may get tymeous payment of thair stipendis both for bygeans and to com. And that they be not withdrawine from thair chairges be wnjust suspentiouns, nor long detined in discussing the same.

3. They petitioun the parliament to grant this commone benefite to the ministers annent the taxatioune that sall hapine to be imposed wpon them as beneficed men: that the report of horning against thame in due tyme that ar obleist for thair releiff be receaved for frieing of them. As also that the viccarages quhilk ministers hes for thair stipend may be frie of all taxatiouns.

4. They petitioun that the parliament wilbe pleased to determine quhat salbe the measur and quantitie of pasturage, foggage, feall and divot that everie minister sall have for his accommodatioune.

5. That the parliament would be pleased to mak choyse of such men to be wpon the commissioune who ar best acquaint with the effaires of the kirk and may most conveniently attend, and that they appoint the dyet for downe sitting of the commissioune to be as soone as may be.

6. They petitioun that commissionars be granted for visitatioun of all hospitalls within this kingdoms which ar pitifully dilapidat.

7. That they wald be pleased (conforme to thair promeis in thair lettre to the generall assemblie) to set downe a solid and present course for bearing of the chairges of the commissioners to the last foure generall assemblies, and to grant power to the commissioune for prescryveing the same for commissionars to subsequent assemblies.

8. That they wald be pleased to tak to thair consideratione the overtours heirwith gevine in for wniversities and schooles with the commissioune for plantatioun of kirkes, and that these may be effectuat, since by Godis providence the rentis laitlie belonging to prelacies ar now vacand and out of the possessioun of all men. That thay would be pleased first and befoire all to provyd the kirkes, wniversities, colledges, schooles and hospitalls out of the same, and that thair passe no act nor dispositioun thairof to ane persoun till these be sufficientlie provydit, quhilk is the earnest desyre and confident expectatioun of the kirk from thair pietie and goodnes.

9. They petitioun (for suppressing of poprie for the present and preveining the incres thairof in tyme comeing) that a way may be taken for breiding wp the childrene of papistis in the trewth. And becaus thair have bene divers papistis and sum presentlie are whose childrene, haveing a desire to joyne with ws in the professioun of the trewth and resorting to the wse of the publict meanes of Godis worshipe, who by thair parentis hawe bene ather violentlie keipit bak or wtherwayes hawe bene threatened to be depryved of any benefeite thai could expect of thame if they should joyne with ws, remead would be provyded for preveining of those evills in tyme coming.

10. It is humblie desyred that order may be taken with sturdie beggars, Aegiptians and vagaboundis, and a solid course be laid downe for removeing the horrible villanies comitted be sic persones in all tyme comeing.

11. They petitioun that the parliament wold tak order for demolishing of all monumentis of superstitioun and idolatrie.

12. They petitioun the parliament for appointing chairges to the visitours appointit be the generall assemblie to visit Yetland, Orknay, Cathnes, Sutherland and Rosse.

13. They petitioun that the actis of parliament anent chermers, sorcerers and consulters with witches be renewed, and a solid way taken how the same acts may be put to executioun.

14. They petitioun the parliament, becaus the executioun of the lawes of the kingdome againes papistis, excommunicat persones etc. is eludit by geiveing the escheitis of the pairties excommunicat and denuncit to the horne to thameselvis or thair freindis to thair behove, that the parliament may be pleased to give order thairanent, leist they thairby be encouragit in thair obstinacie.

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  2. This is followed in PA6/4 by a duplicate document entitled 'Overtures for furthering such articles given in to the parliament be the comissionars of the general assemblie as ar nayther past in act nor referit to the commissione'. Back