[Petition of the eldest sons and heirs of the nobility, desiring liberty to have access to the chamber to hear the debates]

Wnto the king his most excellent majestie and the honorable estates off parliament,

Humblie meanes and showes wee, for our selffs and in name and behalf off all wthers off our qualitie, the eldest sones and appearand airs off the peeres and lords of parliament, that quheras it is incumbent to these quho ar called to the lowest places off judicatorie to ressent the weight off that charge and fitt thameselves accordinglie for it, and much more wnto ws quho ar called be our birth and knoweth not quhow soone wee may be brought to sitt in that eminent judicatorie as peeres off the country to judge and voyce in maters off greatest consequence. And seeing wee ar borne to have right off place and voyce in that high court, bot not with that knowledge and these abilities quhich ar requyred in these quho sould voyce ther, and cannot be attained bot through experience and be these quha ar conversant with the wayes and manageing off business, wee have thought our selves bound in duetie to your majestie and our countrie, in regaird off the hereditarie trust and confidence reposed in ws and our families, to petitioune your majestie and the estates of parliament that wee be not debarred from the occasiouns off enabling our selves to serve your majestie and the publict in that weightie charge quhen any off ws may be called to it. And therfoir wee humblie beseik that quhat is knowen to have beene allowed to these off our qualitie in the best governed estates for the reasoune forsaid may be permitted to ws wpon our earnest suite, and for the publict interest that wee may have access to the parliament houss to know and hear the procedour, debates and conclusiouns off parliament.

20 Augusti 1641

Petitioune of the noblemen thair eldest sonnes being publiklie red in parliement, whairupon the king's advocat, at his majesties command, askit instruments.

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