[Oath of parliament]

Forsameikle as the honour, greatnes and happines of the kingis royall majestie and the weilfaire of the subjectis dependeth on the puritie of religione as it is now established in this kingdome, the lawes, liberties and peace thairof which aught to be sought efter be all good Christianes, loyall subjectis and treu patriottis, and to be furthered and manteyned be them against all such as be any meanis indevoure to shake or subvert the same, thairfore, we undersubscryveris and every one of us doe in the presence of almightie God promeis and vow that in this present parliament we shall faithfullie and frielie speik, answere and expres ourselffis upone all and every thing which is or shall be proponed so far as we think in our conscience may conduce to the glorie of God, the good and peace of the church and state of this kingdome and imploy our best indevouris to promove the same and shall in nowayes advyse, voyce nor consent to any thing which to our best knawledge we think not most expedient and conduceable thairto; as also that we shall manteigne and defend with our lyves, pouer and estate his majesties royall persone, honour and estate, as is exprest in our Nationall Covenant, and lykewayes the pouer and priviledges of parliamentis and the lawfull rightis and liberties of the subjectis; and by all good meanes and wayes oppose and indevoure to bring to exact tryell all such as ather be force, practise, counsell, plottis, conspiracies or otherwayes hes done or shall doe any thing in prejudice of the puritie of religioun, the lawes, liberties and peace of the kingdome. And further, that we shall in all just and honorable wayes indevoure to preserve unioun and peace betuixt the thrie kingdomes of Scotland, Ingland and Ireland. And nather for hope, feare nor other respect shall relinquishe this vow and promeis.

Decimo Augusti 1641

Red in audience of parliament, who approves the same and appoyntis the same to be takin be all memberis of this parliament and in all parliamentis heireftir, befoir they proceid to any act or determinatione.

  1. NAS, Papers of the Bruce family of Airth, GD37/319. This is the oath referred to in 1641/8/4, which contains signatories from this and subsequent parliamentary sessions. The project team would like to thank Professor David Stevenson for bringing this document to their attention. Back
  2. Roughly left to right and top to bottom, signatories are as follows. Back
  3. Beginning of word illegible. Back
  4. Illegible. Back
  5. Illegible, but possibly 'Jamistoun'. Back
  6. Illegible. Back
  7. Illegible, but possibly Alex[ander]? Back
  8. Most of signature illegible. Back
  9. ? Uncertain reading. Back
  10. ? Uncertain reading of last word. Back
  11. ? Some uncertainty over accuracy of transcription. Back
  12. ? Uncertain reading. Back
  13. The remaining names are given on the reverse of the mss. Back