[Act for changing of the terms debated and continued; order for regiments to be disbanded and fortifications demolished; addition to committee for the pay of the army]

Rege presente.

Anent the act for chainging of the terme of Mertimes to Candilmes and Witsonday to Lambmes, the same being debaitted, his majestie and estaittis of parliament continewis to give answer thairto whill Tuesday nixt.

Anent the paper produced be the Inglish commissioners, desyring the regiments yit upon foote to be disbandit and the fortificationes laitlie buildit to be demolished, quhairof the consideratioune and answer was committed to the lord generall and chancellar, the lord chancellar produced ane answer shewing that the regimentis ar broght neir to Edinburgh that they may be mustered and money provydit for thair pay and they disbandit, and that all fortificationes shall presentlie be demolished. Quhilk being red in audience of his majestie and parliament, they nominate the Lord Burghlie in place of the Erle of Argyle to be upon the committe for provyding money to pay the regimentis, whom they appoint to meitt this efternoone; and als ordaines ane ordour to be gevin to the lord generall for causing demolish the fortificationes at Mordingtone, quhilk accordinglie was done.

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[Committee to be appointed to treat with the English commissioners; petition of General Ruthven granted; amendments to the commission for taking trial of 'The Incident']

The lord chancellar desyred that the commissiones may be exped which ar drawin up to meitt with commissioners from the parliament of Ingland for treatting upon these articles of the treatie quhilks ar committed to thame and continewed be the treatie. Whairupon ordaines everie estaite to advyse upon ane committe for that effect.

Supplicatioune presented be Generall Ruthven, craving libertie to returne to the hous and dwelling of the Yair and to repair and resort within the parochin where the said dwelling hous lyis ay and whill his majestie and estaittis of parliament signifie thair further pleasure thairanent, red and graunted.

The kingis majestie and estaittis of parliament grauntis power to these of the committee for tryall of the laite 'Incident', or quorum thairof, to sequestrate pairties callit befoir thame, such as upon pregnant presumptiounes shall be thought fitt be thame, or to take suretie for thair appeiring as they find expedient. And als that they take the oath of secrecie of such as shall be examined be thame. And ordaines the commissione to be written over with these additiones.

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[Earl of Nithsdale given leave to return home; committee for the overtures for the kirk appointed; commission for the disorders in the borders to be drawn up; continuation]

The kingis majestie represented to the estaittis of parliament that he had abstained to give permissione to the Erle of Nithisdaill to repaire to his awin hous within this kingdome upon misinformatione that he was forfalted, bot seing he is not forfalted desyred the advyse of parliament thairin, who thought that his majestie might permitt the said erle to repaire to his awin dwellingis within this kingdome.

The kingis majestie and estaittis of parliament grauntis commissioune to the persones underwritten to meitt and examine the remarquis maid hinc inde upon the commissione and overturs for the kirk, viz: Erles of Roxburgh, Southesk and Cassillis for the nobilitie; the Lairds of Innes, Balmaine and Cars for the gentrie; the commissioners of Hadintoune, Irwing and Sanct Androis for the borrowis, to meitt the morne at eight hours.

Anent the overturs presented be these nominate upon the committe for the middleshyrs, the same being red in audience of his majestie and parliament, they appoint the kingis advocat to draw up ane commissione to the persones thairin contained conforme thairto.

Adjournis and continewis the parliament to Tuesday at ten hour and straitlie commands all members of parliament to be present thairat. And ordaines the severall bodies to meitt this efternoone at thrie hours that they may goe to thair severall committees.

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