20 October 1641

[Letter from the Prince of Orange to be translated into Scots; supplication read and continued; propositions regarding the disorders in the borders remitted to each estate]

Rege presente.

His majestie produced ane letter direct to the prive counsale from the Prince of Orange, recommending some officiars for obtaining recrewis to thair regiments, which being red in French in audience of his majestie and parliament, they appoint the same to be translated in Scottis language and ane copie thairof delyvered to everie estate.

Supplicatioune be Gratiane Butler, spous to Colonell Cochrane, shewing that shoe is ane strainger and hath been long absent, thairfor desyring to haif acces to her husband, red in audience of his majestie and estaittis of parliament, who continewis to give answer thairunto till the morne.

Propositiones or overtures from the committe appointed for regulating the disorders of the middleshyrs red in audience of his majestie and estaittis of parliament, who appointes ane copie thairof to be gevin to everie estaite that they may think upon the same whill the morne.

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[Persons allowed access to the Earl of Crawford; representation by the king for a public trial of 'The Incident'; continuation]

Supplicatione be the Erle of Crawfuird, desyring heiring or libertie upon cautioune for his compeirance, red in audience of his majestie and parliament, who gevis permissione to Maistir Thomas Nicolsone to speik to the said erle in presence of James Murray, elder or younger, and thairefter, upon representatione from Maistir Thomas of the names of persones with whom the said erle desyrs to speik, they will take to thair consideratione what persones they will allow to speik with him. And als permitts Robert Flesheour of Bonshaw, the Lord Spynie and Laird of Din to speik to him anent privat bussines in audience of the saids James Murray, elder or younger, the Laird of Din being present whensoever the Lord Spynie shall speik anent the bussines concerning umquhile Colonell Lindsay.

His majestie haifing proposed the state of the questione to the parliament in thir termes: gif upon his majesties desyre they will admitt or refuis this demand for ane publik tryall of the laite 'Incident' since it is lawfull and ordinar, yea or not, the copie thairof is appointed to be gevin to everie estaite to be advysit upon whill the morne. And siclyke the lord chancellar moved that Lieutenant Colonell Alexander Stewart might be examined befoir the three estaitis conveined togidder extrajudiciallie, befoir the parliament should determine whidder the tryall should be in audience of parliament or be ane committe. And the estaittis also promised to take the said motione to consideratione whill the morne.

Appointis the parliament to meitt the morne at nyne hours befoir noone, and the severall estaittis apairt this efternoone at three hours, and the morne morning at sevin hours.

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