9 Octob[er] 1641

[Continuation; act for division of the kirk of Kilmarnock approved; petition recommended to the English commissioners]

Rege presente.

Continewis the parliament whill Tuesday nixt at two efternoone, and in the mein tyme appointis the severall bodies to meitt apairt this efternoone at three hours, upon Mooneday at eight hours in the morning and three hours efternoone, and upon Tuesday at eight hours in the morning.

Act dismembering the parochin of Kilmarnock and erecting the new paroch kirk of Kilmarnock red, voitted and past in parliament.

Petitioune be Henrie Stewart, craving ane letter of recomendatione to the parliament of Ingland for reparatione of the great losis sustained be him in Irland for refuising the oath, red in audience of his majestie and parliament, who thinkis fitting to recommend this supplicatione in thair names to the Inglish commissioners present in towne; and for doing thairof nominattis the lord chancellar and Erle of Dumfermelin.

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[Petition read and remitted to each estate; supplication read and approved; dispensation to the justice granted]

Petitioune be some officiars who wer takin be the Inglish shipp and putt in prison, desyring some reparatione for thair losis, red, and ane copie thairof appointed to be gevin to everie estaite.

Supplicatione be the Laird of Keames, desyring that ane decreit gevin against him being commissioner to the parliament in the tyme of the parliament may be found null and he reponed against the same, red and graunted.

Dispensatione to the justice for halding court upon Archibald Campbell for slaughter red and graunted.

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[Report remitted to certain members; commission granted to examine certain witnesses in the process of the burgh of Wigtown against the Earl of Galloway]

Report anent Maistir Thomas Mitchell, being hard togidder with Bamf his defensis upon the act of pacificatione, and treatie and replyis maid thairto, being red in audience of his majestie and parliament, they appoint the Erle of Cassillis, Laird of Craigievar and Jhone Sempill to meitt and think upon the extent of the treatie and oblivione, gif the same will defend Bamf from this complaint.

Grauntis commissione to the Lordis Lindsay, Cowper and Forester for the nobilitie, Lairdis of Kinhilt, Cesnok and Moncreif for the barones, commissioneris of Dumbartane, Bamf and Aire for the borrowis, or any fyve of thame, to examine the witnesis produced be William Cunynghame of Poltone against the Erle of Galloway, to meitt efternoone at two houris.

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[Supplication continued; commission for hearing the commissary-general's accounts approved]

Anent the supplicatioune presented be Generall Major Baillie against the Laird of Lamingtone, appointis Lamingtone to be readie to answer thairto upon the first day quhilk is appointed for heiring billis.

Commissioune for heiring the generall commissaris accomptis red, voitted and past in parliament, and everie estaite was requyred to caus thair awin commissioneris to attend.

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