2 Octob[er] 1641

[Patent and gift of the office of chancellery to bear one date; mace and great seal exhibited before parliament; oaths taken by Lord Loudoun as chancellor]

Rege presente.

It was moved to his majestie and parliament gif the nominatione and electioune of the Lord Lowdoune to be chancellar, with advyse and approbatioune of the parliament, and the gift graunted be his majestie thairupon, being done at severall tymes and of severall daittis, shall be all of one dait or exprest in thair severall dayis as they wer done; and it was ordained that the gift and act shall all beir one day and daitt, viz: the last of September, notwithstanding of the difference of the minuttis of the records of parliament.

Warrand graunted to the deputie thesaurer or Jhone Falconer, maister of the coynyiehous, to exhibite the mace belonging to the chancellar. Conforme quhairunto the said Jhone Falconer did exhibite the mace in presence of his majestie and estaittis of parliament.

The Marquis of Hammiltone (who these yeirs bygane had bein entrusted with the keeping of the greate seale) did exhibite the same in presence of parliament and delyvered the same to his majestie, whairupon his majestie and estaittis of parliament ordained ane act to be drawin for the exoneratione of the said lord marquis and Maistir Jhone Hamiltone, his underkeiper, which accordinglie was done and the same act red, voitted and past in parliament.

The Lord Lowdoune, being callit befoir the throne, swore the oath of alledgeance and the oath of ane counsallour, and thairefter receaved out of his majesties hand his patent of chancellar with the greate seale, and thairefter swore the aith of faithfull administratioune and so sate downe in the place dew to him upon the throne.

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[Act of exoneration to Lord Almond approved; wording of oaths to be taken by all members read and to be taken into further consideration]

Act of exoneratioune to the Lord Amont of his charge of lieutenant generall red, voitted and past in parliament.

The oath of alledgeance, the oath of ane privie counsallour and ane oath to be gevin be everie man at his admissioune to any charge red befoir his majestie and estaittis of parliament, who tooke the same to consideratioune and to be advysit thairupon.

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[Lords of session ordered to proceed with usual business; continuation; fines for absent members]

Supplicatione being red, complaining that the lords of sessioune abstained from passing of any billis and doing other dewties incumbent to thame, the kingis majestie and parliament gevis warrand to the lords of sessioune to doe all and everie dewtie incumbent to thair charge conforme to use and wont ay and whill the king and parliament signifie thair further pleasure heiranent, and ordanis ane act to be maid and extracted heirupon for thair warrand.

Appointis the severall estaittis to meitt upon Mooneday at eight hours in the morning, and the haill estaittis at one efternoone, and who beis absent from these private meittingis shall pay the fynis imposed upon the absentis from the parliament.

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