[Act read and approved; diets of committees, parliament and the bodies; act regarding the forces in the borders ordered to be drawn up]

Rege presente.

Act anent the electioune of officiaris of estaite, counsallouris and sessioneris red, voitted and past in parliament.

Appointis the meitting of the committee for the armie this efternoone at three houris, and superseidis the meitting of the parliament for the billis whill the morne efternoone. And appointis the parliament to meitt at nyne houris, and everie estaite apairt at sevin houris.

The parliament appointis ane act to be drawin quhairby the Erles of Annandaill and Queenisberrie, the Lordis Jhonestone and Kirkcudbrycht, the Lairdis of Lag and Amisfield may be acted conjunctlie and severallie for indemnitie of the borderis of Scotland from the garrison of Scotland and for geting four dayis victuall to the Cochranes regiment, and that inrespect the said regiment hath receaved ordouris to dislodge.

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[Dispensation to the sheriff of Clackmannan and his deputes to consider some processes; commission for hearing the accounts of certain regiments subscribed]

Act dispensing with the shirref of Clakmanan and his deputtis to sitt upon some actiones at the instance of the Laird of Aytone and Sir [...] Bailyie of Lochend and otheris with the warrand to the clerk to extract the same.

Commissione for heiring the accomptis of the Lord Sinclair, Generall Major Monro and Colonell Cochrane thair regimentis red and subscryved.

  1. NAS, PA6/4, 'September 16 1641', f.1(a) r. Back