[Act to be prefixed to the treaty of London read and approved; supplication read and remitted to each estate]

Rege presente.

Act containing the wordis to be subjoyned to the exemplificatione of the treatie under the greate seill red and agried upon.

Concerning the supplicatione presented be the awneris of Captane Robertsones ship, craving lettrez of mark against the Hamburgeris or his majesties recommendatione to thame, red in audience of the parliament, who appointed ane dowble of the petitione to be gevin to everie estaite.

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[Report of the committee for the distressed ministers in the north and commission for the plantation of kirks read and remitted to each estate]

Report of the committe appointed for the distrest ministeris of the north red, and ane copie appointed to be gevin to the noblemen and burrowis inrespect the baronis grauntis that they haif alreadie sein the said report.

Commissioune for plantatione of kirkis red and ane dowble thairof appointed to be gevin to everie estaite and ane copie thairof to his majestie advocat.

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[Supplication remitted to the committee for the army; supplication to be taken into further consideration]

Supplicatione be the Erle of Annandaill, Erle of Queenisberrie, Lord Jhonestone, Lairdis of Lag and Amisfield, craving that Cochrane his regiment may remaine at Drumfries and not to be quartered in the countrie whair they haif enterest, red in audience of his majestie and parliament, who appointis the committe for the armie to meitt efternoone for setling the desyre of the petitioune.

Supplicatione be Generall Major Baillie, craving to be declairit righteous air of Lamingtone, red and appointed to be shewin to Lamingtoune and ane dowble to be gevin to everie estate.

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[Dispensation to the commissaries of Edinburgh to sit; warrant in favour of those who died at Dunglass]

Dispensatione to the commissaris of Edinburgh to sitt upon the actione persewit be Williame Dik against George Scott and otheris whill the first day of November nixt.

Warrant for the Erle of Hadingtone and his servantis and all these who dyed at Dunglas contained in the roll produced, that thair testamentis be frie of payment of any quottis or other chargis.

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