4 Septemb[er] 1641

[Remonstrance in favour of the Prince Elector Palatine read; act approved; act regarding the bullion remitted to the burghs]

Rege presente.

Remonstrance to his majestie be the estaittis anent the Prince Electour red in audience of his majestie, who was graciouslie pleased to answer that he will give ordour that no Scottis soldiour shall be shipped or haif passage at Bervick, Workingtone, Whyteheavin, Newcastle or any other seaport in Ingland during the tyme forsaid. And according to the said remonstrance ane act being red discharging all levies or recrewis of soldiouris till the answer from Ratisbonne anent the Prince Electour, at the leist till the first day of Aprill nixt, red, voitted and past in parliament and twitched with the scepter.

Act anent the bullioune red and gevin to be advysed be the borrowis.

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[Supplication read and committee for the disorders in the north ordered to meet; continuation]

Supplicatione be the commissioneris from the assemblie anent the disorderis in the north red in audience of the parliament, who appointis the committe appointed for that effect to meitt thairupon and condiscend upoun the names of persones in ilk shyre who ar most able to redres the same.

The estaittis of parliament for important bussines appointis everie estaite to meitt togidder this efternoone and als upon Mooneday morning at the accustomed hour and place, and that they may all meitt togidder in parliament upon Mooneday at nyne houris.

  1. NAS, PA6/4, 'September 3 1641', f.1(a) r-1(a) v. Back