25 Augusti 1641

[Absent members; report of committee for the Earl of Montrose's supplication read]

Rege presente.

The estaittis appointis the names of all these who ar absent or send venientes to be gevin daylie to the Erle of Marshell, that accordinglie the penalties may be enacted.

The report be the committe anent the explanatioune of Montrose his supplicatione being produced and red, togidder with the said supplicatione, his majestie and estaittis of parliament declairs anent that pairt of the supplicatioune craving the extract of papers and depositiones quhairupon his proces is foundit, that what hath been graunted to any others shall be gevin to the supplicant, he instructing be practiques that the lyke hath bein formerlie done to any other. And for the other pairt of the supplicatioune, declairs that they will proceid to ane legall course and tryall in the awin tyme when the hous shall think convenient, unles the Erle of Montrose offer some such thing be supplicatioune or submissioune as shall give the hous satisfactioune.

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[Supplications craving liberty from imprisonment refused; treaty of London subscribed by the king and commissioners]

The supplicatione presented be the Erle of Montrose, Lord Naper, Lairdis of Keir and Blakhall craving enlargement upon suretie being red in presens of his majestie and estaittis of parliament, who refuisis the desyre of the supplicatioune.

His majestie in faice of parliament superscryved the treatie quhilk is subscryved be the commissioners. And als Wauchtone, shirref of Teviotedaill and Hew Kennedy subscryved the same also in presence of parliament becaus Dumfermelin and Lowdoune had subscryved the same at London and Jhone Smith was not present. Thairefter Jhone Smyth also subscryved the same.

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[Query whether the commissioners returned from London should resume their places in parliament remitted to the barons and burghs]

Appointis the baronis and borrowis to think whill the morne gif these who wer commissioners at London for the treatie, being returned to this countrie, should not returne agane to thair voite in parliament inrespect the electioune of others in thair absence is extinguished be the returne of the first commissioners.

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