Protestatione for the shereffdome of Abirdene againes the toune of Abirdenes ratificatione

In presence of the kingis majestie and estates of parliament George, erle Mershell, present, and Johne Forbes of Leslie, also present as ane of the commissioneres for the shereffdome of Abirdeene, and in name of the noblemen, barrones, landit men and commones of the said sherefdome, protestit that the ratificatione granted in this parliament in favoures of the toune of Abirdeene, proveist, baillies, counsell and commontie therof off the new infeftment granted be his majestie to the said burghe of Abirdene and otheres rightes conteened in the said ratificatione shall be allwayes but prejudice to the noblemen, barrones and otheres landit men and commones within the said sherefdome of Abirdene of ther right, infeftmentes, liberties, priviledges and possessione respective, and that the samene be nowayes prejudged be the foirsaid new infeftment and ratificatioune foirsaid; and therwpoun the said George, erle Mershell, and Johne Forbes of Leslie, ane of the commissioneres for the said shereffdome, for themselffs and in name and behalfe foirsaid, askit instrumentes.

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