Protestatioun Sir William Dicke and haill fisheres againes the Laird of Aitkines ratificatioun

In presence of the kingis majestie and estates of parliament compeered personallie Maister Andro Dick, procurator for Sir Williame Dick of Braid, knycht, his father, and for him and in name and behalfe of the haill fisheres, protestit that the ratificatione granted in this present parliament in favoures of George Aitkine of Wnderedge of ane warrand and delyverance of the secreet counsell granted in favoures of the takismen of the teynd herring at Dumbarr should be nowayes prejudiciall to Sir Williame Dicke and remanent fisheres of the said herring fishing at Dumbarr, and with the liberties and priviledges of the said fishing wherof they and the former fisheres hes hade right and possesione in tyme bygone; and therwpoun askit instrumentes.

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