Protestatione toune of Peebles againes the Erle of Traquaires ratificatione

In the parliament haldin at Edinburghe, the sevinteene day of November, jM vjC fourtie ane yeeres, the quhilke day James Williamesone, commissioner to this present parliament for the burghe of Peebles, protestit for himselfe as proveist of the said burgh, and in name and behalfe of the baillies, counsell and commontie of the samene, that the ratificatione granted be the kingis majestie, with consent of the estates of parliament, in favoures of Johne, erle of Traquair, lord Lintoun and Caberstone, off ane chartour granted to the said erle be his majestie off the kirke landis of the paroche kirke of Peebles, daited the tuentie sext day of Julii, jM vjC tuentie four yeeres; and of ane chartour also granted be his majestie to the said erle off the landis of Eisterhorseburghe and Hoipkailyie, with the mylne, mylnelandis and multoures thairof, daited the tuelfe of Februar, jM vjC therttie nyne; and of ane third chartour lykewayes granted be the kingis majestie to the said Johne, erle of Traquair, of the landis of Hangingshaw and otheres therincontenit, daited the sevint of Juni, jM vjC therttie three yeeres, should be allwayes without prejudice of the said burghe of Peebles, proveist, baillies, counsell and commontie thairof, and to the infeftmentes, rightes, priviledges and liberties of the samene burghe, burgess and inhabitants therof, and that the samene infeftmentes, rightes, liberties and priviledges made, granted and perteaneing to the said burghe of Peebles, proveist, baillis, counsell and commontie therof or to any of the burgess or inhabitantes of the samene be nowayes impaired, hurt nor prejudged be the foirsaid ratificatione granted to the said Johne, erle of Traquair; and heerwpoun the said James Williamesone, in name of the said toune, askit act and instruments.

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