Ratificatione in favoures of Johne Carstaires

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament ratifies and approves the chartour granted be Johne, lait archbeshope of Santandrois, to his majesties lovit Johne Carstaires of Newgrange, his aires and assigneyes, of the landis and tennendrie of Killconquher, with the pertinentes, comprehending the particular landis, loche, fishing therof, yeerlie free fair and otheres therinmentionat, and alse conteaneing ane new gifte therof, to be holdine of the said archbeshope and his successoures as superioures therof, for service of waird and releefe, and alse paying yeerlie therfore sex merkes Scottes money at tua termes in the yeer, Whitsonday and Mertimes in winter, be equall portiones, nomine cane, and for the said yeerlie fair, customes and priviledges therof the soume of therttie shillingis money foirsaid yeerlie at the saidis termes, and als taxing the waird and nonentrie of the saidis landis and otheres foirsaidis to the soume of ane hundreth thriescoir pundis money yeerlie at the said termes, and als taxing the mariage of the aires of the foirsaidis landis, with the pertinents, to tua hundreth and eight pundis money foirsaid in maner contenit in the said chartour, quhilke is of dait the [...] day of Julii, jM vjC therttie fyve yeeres, with the precept and instrument of seasing falloweing therwpoun, in the haill heedis, articles and clauss therof; and willis this present ratificatione to be alse effectuall as if the samene were word be word insert heerin.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.348r. Back