Ratificatione in favoures of the Erle of Eglingtoune

Our soverane lord and estates of this present parliament, haveing respect to the manifold good, trew and thankfull services done to his majestie and his hienes predicessoures be his majesties right trustie cusigne Alexander, erle of Eglingtoun, lord Montgomerie and Killwyneing and his predicessoures, ratifies and approves and, for his hienes and his successors, perpetuallie confirmes ane lettir of take and assidatione sett, made and granted be Maister James Hanny, wndoubted titulare of the teyndshaves wnderwrittin, to the said Alexander, erle of Eglingtoune, his aires and assigneyes whatsomevir, ane or ma, off all and sindrie the personage and teyndshaves off all and haill the said Alexander, erle of Eglingtoune, his landis and heritadges quhatsomevir perteeneing to him in propertie lyand within the parochine of Killmaweres, quhilke is ane of the kirkes of the deanrie of Saint Geillis, now unit and annexit therto as ane pairt of the patrimony therof be our said soverane lord in favoures of the said Maister James Hannay and his successoures deanes of Saint Geillis, in all tymecomeing, comprehending the landis, tounes and roumes particularlie eftirmentionat, viz: the toune and landis of Busbie, the landis of Woodhill, the landis of Over and Nether Greenehillis, the toune and landis of Windiehedge, the roume and landis of Muirehouse and Murehouse Lone, the landis of Gaitheed and Stockebridge, the landis of Raschillheed, the roume and landis of [...] Craige, the landis of Hallbarnes, Corsehouse, Annanhill Clerke, the toune and landis of Knockintiber, and of all and sindrie ther pairtes, pendicles and pertinentes, fruites, rentes and emolumentes of the samene, personage and teynd shaves quhatsomevir, and that dureing all the dayes, tymes, yeeres and space of the said Maister James Hannay his lyftyme, and eftir his deceis dureing all the dayes, yeeres and space of fyve yeeres nixt and immediatlie thereftir falloweing for payment of the yeerlie dewtie therincontenit, quhilke take is of the dait the tuentie sext day of September, jM vjC therttie nyne yeeres, in the haill heedis, articles, clauss, circumstances and conditiones of the samene sett doune thairintill. Lykeas our said soverane lord and estates foirsaidis of this present parliament willes, grantes, declaires, statutes and ordeanes that the said Alexander, erle of Eglingtoun, his aires and assigneyes, shall peaceablie and freelie possess, bruike and joyse all and sindrie the foirsaidis personage and teynd shaves off his owne proper landis abovewrittin lyand within the said parochine, fruites, rentes and emolumentes therof, dureing the yeeres and space abovewrittin, efter the forme and tennour of the said take in all poyntes, but ony stope, trouble or impediment and that this present generall ratificatione of the samen is and shall be of alse great strenth, force and effect to the said Alexander, erle of Eglingtoune and his foirsaidis in all respectes and conditiones as if the samene take were verbatim and at lenth ingrossit herintill, dispensand theranent and with all other objectiones that may be made or moved in the contrair.

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