Ratificatione in favoures of Sir James Scote of Rossie

Our soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the estates of this present parliament, ratifies, approves and confirmes the chartour mad and granted be his majestie, wnder his hienes great seale, of the dait at Quhythall, the tuentie day of October, the yeere of God jM vjC therttie nyne yeeres, to and in favoures of Sir James Rossie, knycht, collonell, his aires maill, of tailyie and assigneyes therinspecified, off the barrony of Rossie, comprehending the landis, teyndis, loche, fishingis and otheres therinconteenit, with the precept of seasing falloweing therwpoun and instrument of seasing falloweing wpon the samene, in all poyntes and clauss therinspecified, eftir the forme and tennour therof, and declaires this ratificatioun of the samene to be alse valied and effectuall as if the saidis chartor, precept and seasing wer at lenth and word be word insert heerintill, dispensand heerby with the not inserting therof. And farder declaires, statutes and ordeanes that the samene chartour, precept, seasing and this ratificatione therof, and the remanent rightes and securities made to the said Sir James Scott and his authores and ther predicessoures, are and shall be valied and sufficient rightes and securities to the said Sir James and his forsaidis for bruiking and enjoyeing of the said barrony of Rossie, comprehending the landis, teyndis, loch, fishingis, priviledges, liberties and otheres particularlie mentionat in the said chartour perpetually in all tymecomeing.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.344v. Back
  2. APS heading reads, 'Ratificatione in favoures of Sir James Scote of Rossie anent the baronie of Rossie'. Back
  3. Followed by 'Scott of' in square brackets in APS. Back