Ratificatione in favoures of Laird Aitkine

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament ratifies and approves the take sett be umquhile James Baillie, as archpreist of Dumbar, with consent of the deane and remanent prebendares of the colledge kirke of Dumbarre and of George, erle of Dumbarr, as patrone thairof, to Williame Lauder in Bellheavine and Alexander Lauder, his sone, ther aires and assigneyes, for the spaces and yeeres therinexprest, off all and haill the small teyndis and teynd fishinges perteaneing to the said archpriest within the boundis and for the dewtie exprest in the said take, quhilke is of the dait the [...] day of Junii, jM vjC and nyne yeeres, with the assignationes and rightes therof made be the said Williame Lauder and Alexander Lauder, his sone, and other mediat persones, in favoures of George Aitkine of Wnderedge, his aires and assignayes; togidder also with the confirmatione of the said take wnder his majesties privie seale in favoures of the said George Aitkine and his foirsaidis, of the dait the third day of Merch, jM vjC therttie tua yeeres, in the haill heedis, poyntes and articles therof. And willis that this present ratificatione shall be alse effectuall to the said George Aitkine and his foirsaidis as if the said take and haill writtis abovespecified wer particularlie insert, quhairanent his majestie and estates dispenses forevir.

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