Ratificatione of the erectione of the lordshipe of Cardrois

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament ratifies and approves the chartour wnder his majesties great seale granted to umquhile Johne, erle of Marre, his aires maill and assigneyes, off the dait at Theobaldis, the fourteene day of Julii jM vjC therttie four yeeres, by the quhilke his majestie hes ratified and approvine the chartoures and infeftmentes of erectione granted be his majesties umquhile father of blissed memorie to and in favoures of the said umquhile Johne, erle of Marr, his aires maile and assigneyes, erecting the abbacyes and pryories of Dryburghe, Cambuskenneth and Inchmahomo to the said Johne, erle of Mare and his foirsaidis in ane temporall lordshipe, to be callit the lordshipe of Cardrois, with all rightes and dispositiones mad be the said erle in favoures of his bairnes and childrine or in favoures of any of his majesties subjectes of whatsomevir kirkes and teyndis perteaneing to the said new erected lordshipe in the haill heedis and articles therof. And willis and declaires that this present ratificatioune shall be alse effectuall as if the samene wer heerin insert de verbo in verbum, and willis and declaires that the benefit of the said chartour is and shall be extendit to and in favoures of David, lord Cardros, oy to the said erle and successour to him in the right of the said lordshipe of Cardros, quhairin the said David standis infefte as sone and air to umquhile Hary Erskeene, lord Cardrois, his father.

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