Procedure: remit to the commission for the plantation of kirks
Reference in favoures of the parochineres of Birse to the commissione for plantatione of kirkis

The quhilke day the supplicatione givine in be Alexander Gordoune of Cluny, knycht, Robert Gairdyne of Tulliquhroskie, Robert Ferquharsone of Finyeane, Alexander Ros of Tillisnaucht, Williame Ros of Wester Cluny, Duncane Stewart of Innerchat, Johne Ferquharsone of Tulligarmond, Alexander Gordoune of Whytstane, Alexander Forquharsone of Wodend, Thomas Andersone of Archaballay, Arthour Ros of Drumachy, Alexander Gordoun of Birsmoir, Alexander Turnoures, elder and younger, portioneres of Killminuntie, Williame Turnour, portioner ther, and Androw Malcolme, thair, againes Maister Johne Ros, minister at Birse, desyreing that the supplicantes may be hard and reponit aganes ane decreet givine be the commissioneres for surranderes and teyndis in favoures of the said Maister Johne Ros for payment to him of certane great soumes of moneney and great quantities of victuall for thair teyndis, as the supplicatione proportes, being hard in audience of the kingis majestie and estats of parliament, and the desyre therof considderit be them, his majestie and estates of parliament remittes the foirsaid supplicatione and desyre thairof to the commissioune appoynted for plantatione of kirkes to be considderit and determinat be them.

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