Ratificatione to Alexander Maxwell of Dechmonte

Our soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the estates presentlie conveened, ratifies, approves and confirmes the chartour granted be his majestie in favoures of his hienes lovit Alexander Maxwell of Dechmont, ane of the ordinare maisseires befor the lordis of counsell and sessione, and Margaret Bortwicke, his spous, and langest liver of them tua, in conjunctfie, and the aires laufullie gottine or to be gottine betuixt them, quhilkis failyieing, the said Alexander Maxwell his nearest and lauchfull aires and assigneyes whatsomevir, off all and sindrie the landis of Over Dechmonte, with all thair pertinentes, lyand within the shereffdome of Linlithgow, all and haill the temple landis, with the pertinentes, lyand in Over Dechmont lyand rinrig betuixe the landis of Westerbangoure one the ane pairt and the landis of Nether Dechmonte one the other pairt, within the said shereffdome of Linlithgow, quhilkis landis, with the pertinentes lyand as said is, are all erected in ane haill and free barrony, callit the barrony of Dechmont; togidder with the precept and infeftmentes falloweing therwpoune, as the said chartour granted to them therwpoun wnder his hienes great seale of the dait the tuentie first day of December, jM vjC and thertie sevine yeeres at lenth beeres, in the haill heedis, articles, clauss, circumstances and conditiones thairof abovewrittin thairinmentionat. And our said soverane lord willis and grantes and, for his majestie and his successoures, with advyse of the saidis estates, decernes and ordeanes that this present ratificatione is and shall be alse valied and sufficient, and of alse great force, strenth and effect to the said Alexander Maxwell, his said spous and ther foirsaids for bruiking and possessing of the saidis landis and barrony of Dechmonte, with the pertinentes, as if the said chartour, infeftment, preceptes and rightes falloweing thairupon wer at lenth de verbo in verbum insert heerintill; quhairanent, and all defectes and objectiones that may be proponit in the contraire, our said soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the saidis estates, dispenses for evir.

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