Ratificatione to Johne Sempill

Our soverane lord and estates of this present parliament ratifies, approves and perpetuallie confirmes ane fewe chartor and infeftment granted be the baillies, counsell and commountie of the burghe of Dumbartane in favores of umquhill Johne Robertsone, burgess of the said burghe, off the dait at Dumbartane, the [...] day of Maii, the yeir of our Lord jM vC and [...] yeeres, off and conserneing the corne mylne in toune end, multores and sequelles etc., togidder with ane contract and appoyntment made and subscryved betuixt the baillies, with consent of the counsell, commountie of the said burghe one the ane pairt, and Johne Sempill, then styllit of Corinth, now of Staneflate, proveist of the said burghe, one the wther pairt, of the dait at Dumbartane, the tuentie sevint day of August jM vjC fyve yeeres, registrat in the books of counsell and sessione upoun the tuentie eight day of Julij jM vjC and thertene yeeres, with the chartour and seasing falloweing therwpoun, qubairby the saidis baillies, with consent foirsaid, did ratifie and approve the foirsaid few chartor and infeftment of the said millne in tun end, multores and sequelles, milnelandis, mylne dame, inlair, water gaing etc., bot allso of new sold and disponit the said corne mylne, multores, sequelles, mylnelandis, mylne dame in favoures of the said Johne Semple, lineall air and laufull successour of the said umquhill Johne Robertsone, his foirgransir, in all the heedis and articles and clauss therof, with the infeftment falloweing thairwpoun, dispensand with the generality hereof, and ordeanes thir presentes to be alse valied, effectuall and sufficient to the said Johne Sempill, his aires and assigneyes as if the foirsaidis few chartoures, contract, infeftmentes and seasingis falloweing thairwpoun wer heerin set doune and ingrossit de verbo in verbum. And farder our said soverane lord and estates foirsaidis statutes and ordeanes that the said few chartor, with the said contract, infeftments and seasing falloweing thairwpoun, are and shall be ane good, valied and sufficient right to the said Johne Sempill, his aires and assigneyes and successors for bruiking and possessing of the said millne, multers, sequelles and otheres conteint in the said securities conforme to the tennors therof in all poyntes.

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