Ratificatione in favoures of the Erle Mershall

Our soverane lord and estates of this present parliament have ratified and approvine and, be thir presentes, ratifies and approves the take and assidatione made and set be our said soverane lord to his hienes trust cusigne and counsellour Williame, erle Mershall, lord Keith and Atrie, his aires and assigneyes and subtennentes whatsomevir, off all and sindrie his majesties customes due to be payed to his majestie for all merchand goodis, geere, tollbacco, cornes, cloath, salmond and otheres merchandyce or goodes whatsomevir, wherof custome is due, exported or imported, or that shall happine to be importit or exported to and fra this kingdome be sea or land, at the tounes, portes and herberies of Aberdene and Banffe and all otheres pairtes, portes, herberies and creekes alonge the coastsyde frae the north water of the toune of Montroise exclusive, to the water mouth of Spey, and of the custome and impost of all wynes that shall be imported at the saidis portes and herberies of Abirdene or Banffe or within the boundis foirsaidis or perteaneing to merchandis of the saidis tuo burghes for the space of fyve yeere falloweing his entrie thairto, quhilke is declaired therby to be at the dait falloweing of the said take, and sua furth fra fyve yeeres in fyve yeeres dureing the haill space and yeeres of fyfteene yeeres, for the yeerlie payment of nyne thousand merkes money of this realme in maner therinconteyned, as the said take, conteyneing sindrie otheres conditiones and provisiones conserneing the saids customes and impost of wynes, off the dait the ellevint day of October lastbypast, the yeere of God jM vjC fourtie ane yeeres instant, at mair lenth beeres, in all and sindrie the heedis, poyntes, articles, clauss, circumstances and conditiones thairof, and willes, grantes and declaires that this present generall ratificatione and approbatione of the samene is and shall be alse valied, efectuall and sufficient to the said Williame, erle Mershall and his foirsaidis as if the said take were at lenth word be word ingrossit and set doune heerintill. As also statutes and ordeanes the said take to stand and remaine to the said erle and his foirsaidis dureing the said space of fyfteene yeeres as ane good, valied and sufficient take and right for ther peaceable possession, ingaddring and intrometting with the saidis customes and impost therinconteyned dureing the haill tyme therof conforme to the tennour, conditiones and provisiones therof, notwithstanding of whatsomevir actes of parliament, counsell, exchequer or otheres lawes of this kingdome maide or to be maide in the contraire; quhairanent his majestie and estates of parliament foirsaidis have dispensit and, be thir presentes, dispenses for evir.

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