Ratificatione of the decreet arbitrall betuixte the Erle of Buccleughe and Frances Steuarte

Our soverane lord, with the adyse of the estates of parliament now presentlie conveened, ratifies and approves ane decreet arbitrall pronunced be ws betuixt umquhill Walter, erle of Buecleughe, and Frances Stewart, eldest laufall sone to umquhill Frances, somtyme erle of Bothwell, tuitching the foirfaultour of the Erle of Bothwell and benefit therof established in the persone of the laite Erle of Buccleughe or his predecessoures conteyneing this clause: that ather of them shall doe what shall be thought fitt in law and in ther power to performe for secureing of the other of that which we appoynt to be done, as the said decreet arbitral, of the dait at Oatlandis, the eight day of August jM vjC threttie one yeeres, at mair lenth proportes; togidder with the articles signed be ws and both pairties at Saint James, made for explaineing of the said decreet, willing and declairing that this present ratificatione shall be alse valied and sufficient as if the haill tennoures and contentes of the said decreet arbitral, articles and explanationes wer heerin insert.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.244r. Back
  2. The original warrant, at NAS, PA6/6, 'November 17 1641', contains the following words (deleted): 'togidder with all uther explanatiounes contenit in our several lettres thair anent', and on the margin, 'Thir wordis deleitt in presens of the commissioners g[race] and articles by warrand.' Back