Ratificatione to the Erle of Lothiane of his landis of Nenthorne

Our soverane lord, with consent of the estates of parliament, hes ratified and approvine and, be thir presentes, ratifies and approves the infeftment made and granted be his majestie to his hienes right truste cusigne and counsellour Williame, erle of Lothiane, lord Ker of Newbotle, and to his aires maill and of taillzie specified therin, of the dait the [...] day of [...], of all and sindrie the teyndis, personage and viccarage, of the toune and landis of Nenthorne lyand in maner conteyned in the said infeftment, to be holdine blench of his majestie and his hienes successoures for yeerlie payment of ane penny, and for payment to the minister of the kirke of Nenthorne and his successoures ministeres thairat of the duetie thairinementionat, as the said infeftment amplie proportes in all and sindrie heedis, poynts and clauss thairof conforme to the tennour of the same. And willis and grantes that the said infeftment and this present ratificatioun therof are and shall be good and wndoubted rightes for bruiking and joysing of the teyndis of the saidis landis in all tymecomeing.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.240r. Back
  2. APS suggests 'teynds' instead of 'landis'. Back