Ratificatione in favoures of Sir Williame Scote of Clerkingtoune

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament ratifies and approves ane dissolutione made be the proveist and first prebendare of the colledge kirke of Corstorphine, with advyce and consent of George, lord Forrester of Corsterphine, wndoubted patrone of the said provestrie, and of the remanent prebendares of the said provestrie, to and in favors of umquhill Laurence Scotte of Harprigge, advocat, and Maister Williame Scote, ane of the clerkis of sessione, his eldest lauchfull sone, ther aires and successoures, dissolveing the kirke of Clerkingtoune, fruites, rentes and emolumentes therof fra the said provestrie and colledge kirke, wherunto the samene was annexit before, to the effect the samene may remaine as ane severall kirke and benefice dismembred therfra in tymecomeing, daited the sevinteene day of Maii jM vjC therttie four yeeres; with ane take set be the foirsaidis persones to the said umquhill Laurence Scotte and the said Maister Williame Scotte, his sone, and there foirsaidis, off the teyndis, personage and viccarage, of the paroche kirke and parochine of Clerkeingtoun for all the dayes, space, yeeres and termes thairinconteened, for payment yeerlie of the soume of tuentie pundis to the minister serveing the cuire at the said kirke, daited the fourt day of Junii jM vjC threttie four yeeres, registrat in the bookes of counsell wpoun the tuentie day of the said moneth and yeer of God foirsaid; togidder also with ane chartour granted wnder the great seale be the kingis majestie, with advyse and consent of his hienes thesaurer and remanent lordis of exchekker for the tyme, to the saidis wmquhile Laurence Scote in lyferent, and to the said Maister Williame Scote, his sone, his aires and assigneyes in fee heritablie, off all and haill the lands of Clerkingtoun, with the pertinentes and that pairt thairof callit Braidwood, with mylne, mylnelandis, multers and pertinentes therof, lyand within the shereffdome of Edinburghe, and of all and haill the landis of Freirtoun and pertinentes thairof, with the priviledge of ane frie regality within the boundis of the samene, lyand within the barrony and regalitie of Bruchtoune and sherefdome foirsaid, to be holdine of his majestie and his successoures in few in maner specified in the said chartour, daited the tent day of July 1634 yeires, in all and sundrie heids, articles and conditiones thairof. And our soverane lord and estates foirsaidis decernes this present ratificatione to be alse valied, effectuall and sufficient to the said Maister Williame Scotte, nowe of Clerkingtoun, and his foirsaidis as if the saidis writtes and everie one of them wer de verbo in verbum insert heirintill; quhairanent, and withall other defectes, our soverane lord and estates foirsaidis dispenses, and that the said ratificatione be farder extendit withall clauss necessar.

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